Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pretty in purple

Speaking of bike commuting, I had to bike again to a meeting on Friday. Here's another tip for biking: comfy long pants that fit closer to the leg so you don't have to roll it up. Also, more cute flats allow you to pack lighter.

Here's an awesome tip to make your necklaces look different for really cheap: tie a complementary colour ribbon around it and end it with a bow. It gets compliments left right and center and you make your wardrobe more versatile!

I love pulling my hair to the side for an old school look. I usually use claw clips (not sure what the official name of them are, but they have teeth and a hinge). With the bike helmet, though, that would not work. So I discovered that I can do it with just a regular flat clip and it looks must nicer!
These flats are so comfy!


PS I got my 50th follower yesterday. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting!

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