Monday, July 18, 2011

Day at the beach!

Saturday was a perfectly sunny day and we chose to spend it at the beach!

We started by setting up our towels and enjoying an amazing picnic! We had Italian sandwiches, fruit and a lovely and refreshing pink lemonade!

I packed four jars of lemonade. The trick was to add fresh lemon juice from half a lemon to a pre-made Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade mix. I sliced the other half of the lemon and added one per jar. To finish it off I filled the jar with ice and frozen strawberries. It was the general consensus that it was a superb drink!

We ate, we swam and we played catch in the water. There was lots of sun bathing and reading too! The best part though was the epic sandcastle we built. Oh yes, there are TWO motes!

We were so proud!



  1. You should bring some of that lemonade to work!!

  2. What a fun day Emilie. I love picnics. I made some changes to our blog and would love it if you would stop by. Have a great day!