Sunday, July 17, 2011

Medeochre Greek Strikes Again!

Remember Mediocre Greek food (read here)? Well the BF and I went again this past friday (we still have one more coupon to use!). This time we brought reinforcements in the form of Jen, Billy's sister and her son Benton, the food connoisseur (and he's only 14 months old! Kids these days).

This time I had a chicken souvlaki wrap. It was good, except for the 1 cup of raw onion!

The saving grace, as usual, was the cheese cake! We ordered two pieces and shared them between the four of us. Yes, I wrote four because we have found Benton's favourite cake! Here wanted it so badly that he kept pulling at Jen's arm to get more! It's a good thing his diet is so healthy all the other days of the week! Everything in moderation.

A lovely and light dress to wear on a casual friday at work and out for dinner. I made this dress with my mom a few years back with an old pattern I got from my grandmother's collection. I love the pockets!

I jazzed it up with a pretty purple ribbon.


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  1. Nice food and wonderful outfit!
    Thanks for sharing, I truly enjoyed the visit.