Thursday, July 7, 2011

First BBQ!

Boys are so proud of their BBQ skills. I figure it's easy enough, but I'll let them to what they enjoy. Tonight, my dad was running a bit late so my mom and I ventured outside to see about this whole "BBQ" thing. We had it lit and warming in a matter of seconds!

I placed some thick cut potato wedges (just some olive oil, salt and pepper on them) on first to get them crispy. Then I put some corn (butter, salt, pepper) to get nicely roasted and sweet. Lastly I seared some Mexican burgers (smokey BBQ sauce, fresh jalapeno, an egg and some Dijon mustard). To top the burgers I made a quick salsa with tomatoes, jalapeno pepper, orange pepper, onion, and lime juice.

For dessert we had chocolate pudding with banana slices! Yum!

OK, now that you've seen the pictures here's the brutal truth (because I don't want you thinking everything always turns out perfect!):

The burgers need a bit more flavour but to my credit they were really moist and juicy! I also would have liked a bit more spice in the salsa but didn't have anything but pepper to add. The corn was cooked a bit too long, but the potatoes were perfect! Crispy on the outside and hot and soft on the inside.

But the fun preparation and the awesome company of my parents made every bite enjoyable!



  1. That sounds delicious, with the brutal truth and everything! I'm a vegetarian so I would probably make the burgers with black beans instead, but it all sounds so yummy!

  2. YUM! Unfortunately my Husband doesn't bbq, so it always falls on me. But I never understood why the woman do all the prep, the men throw the meat on the grill and get all the credit.

  3. In the beginnings of marriage, I prepped and waited for Husband to come home from work to grill. Then one day I got tired of waiting and have ever since done the grilling myself. My mom flipped her lid when she came up to visit and I did the bbqing. She has never done it. Dad takes care of that. Just wait till she sees me mowing the lawn. :)

    Your food makes me salivate! I can smell it cooking! :)