Friday, July 8, 2011

Soup in a jar

I love mason jars!

Last weekend I put sangria in a jar (yum!). This week my mom had the fabulous idea of putting my soup in a jar for my lunch! It worked perfectly. I swear it made it tastier.

This is my mom's vegetable soup. It was part of my hodge podge lunch of tuna, Ryvita crackers, whole grain rice crackers and laughing cow light cheese.

I'm off to find more things to put in jars!



  1. I love mason jars. We use them as our drinking glasses. But, now I shall use them for food too! :)

  2. I bet it tastes better from the jar. I have some strange food containers that I use and people give me odd looks, but hey. Food is more delicious in jars, haha.