Friday, July 22, 2011

Trying something new

I've been hearing so much about Quinoa lately so I finally got a bag from the bulk store and set out to find a recipe to use it in. I didn't look far because my dad came home that day with the latest Chatelaine mag for my mom with a recipe for Quinoa Veggie Burgers! I had a chance to try them out last night. What a hit!

I would suggest adding another egg. I found them quite crumbly. I was scared about flavour, but they were so full of it on their own with all the great veggies! The quinoa has a great natural flavor as well. On these open faced beauties I put a mixture of tahini and plain yogurt for some creamy texture and some alfalfa sprouts for some crunch.

Did I mention I did this all on the hottest day of the summer so far (46 degrees celcius!). My kitchen was HOT. I had to take a shower after doing the dishes.

Today isn't so bad, but I still have to have a fan sitting next to me at my desk. The weather called for a nice breezy outfit.

This skirt is actually a few sizes too big so I always pair it with a belt that adds to the poof effect without me having to mend it (what kind of a seamstress' daughter am I?).

Happy friday everyone!



  1. wwoooah 46 degrees? man thats hot. I think we'd like a little of your weather - it's a wash out here (again)
    not a fan of quinoa - though I would be tempted byt your burger!
    happy weekend
    fee x

  2. I need to incorporate quinoa more in our diets, such a good source of protein. Love the outfit...stay cool this weekend!