Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo experiements

I'm truly inspired by fashion bloggers and their awesome pictures. My limited resources have really put me behind! But I trudge along with my little point and shoot camera, dim lit rooms and time restraints. At least it's fun!

I tried a few new techniques today. Hopefully it shows!


PS Happy friday! I'm off to Montreal! I'll be back Sunday with some great new outfits!


  1. Love the photo creativity! And I think you have great lighting in your home. The coloring is always spot on! Have a blast in Montreal for me!

  2. your home looks nice and bright with the white walls! cute first pic.


  3. Your photos are fun! And I am in total jewelry lust over your necklace. I have something similar in black from Dot's but I love the white. I love black and white together.