Thursday, August 11, 2011

A "typical" Thursday

I'm really interested when bloggers do "a picture an hour" posts. I sort of started one today but really it just turned into my regular food and outfit shots. I am going to commit to doing a "picture an hour" post soon, I promise!

Today started with a morning cycling class at 6am.

I changed into a versitile/many different meetings at different places outfit.

I tried to follow one of Elsie's self portrait tips but I still need lots of practice!

For breakfast I did another variation of my unsweetened cereal. I mixed together some splenda and cinamon and sprinkled it on with some flax seed and banana slices.

For lunch I had some tasty seafood dumplings and grilled bok choy.

Dinner was a cupboard mash up: fish and shrimp curry on whole wheat couscous with green beans, broccoli and chick peas. It was absolutely delicious with just the right amount of spice!

After dinner the BF and I hit up Mountain Equipment Co-Op for some biking gear. I got some much needed biking shorts and he got some gloves. Of course we were parked very near a DQ and just couldn't resist a sweet treat after all that spicy food for dinner.

We split a Georgian Mud Pie (brownie chunks, nuts, chocolate. LOVE IT!). I just now checked out the nutrition facts. I had no idea DQ what so high in calories! I shouldn't be surprised that something so tasty is so bad for you...

We ended the day with a quick bike ride to the Ottawa River Falls near our place.

What did you do today?



  1. you got lovely eyes im following you :) please follow back so we can keep in touch!

  2. I love 'a picture an hour' posts! Someday ill find the time to do one! lol!