Friday, August 5, 2011

Travel Food (1)

I want to do some reviews of the food I eat when I travel. I find it hard to find quick, convenient places that offer a variety of nutritious options at a reasonable price. Wow, I packed a lot of criteria into that sentence!

My go to places are (in order of preference) Subway, Quiznos, Tim Hortons and Mr. Sub. I like to switch it up every once and a while though. I heard Starbucks launched a new food menu so I went to check it out.

The selection isn't as scrumptious looking as their website suggested. In fact, I find their Bistro Boxes to be a bit scary (they don't prepare them on site, they get shipped in- goodness knows how old they are and how many preservatives they use to make it look so "fresh").

I opted for the only vegetarian sandwich they had: Roasted Tomato and Mozzarella and had a fat free, decaf late to finish off the meal.

The sandwich was flavourful, but their where only a few roasted tomatoes and tons of cheese and bread.

Those two items came to just over $10! Ouch. I'll admit I love that it was fast and really easy to eat in the car (you can't eat a sub in the car). I'm not sure I'll add it to my "go to" list any time soon, but at least I know I can always go there if there isn't a Tim Hortons around (as if that would ever happen!).

And then there was my outfit... simple, classy and colourful.

Happy Friday Everyone!


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  1. Hey lady! Starbucks bistro boxes are delivered daily and have a shelf-life of 3 days. They're actually quite good, my fav being the chicken and hummus. If you leave out the chicken, it's vegetarian (vegan even!) and delicious. The sesame noodle bistro box is vegan and has tofu for the protein, but is a bit higher in calories for the obvious reasons. If you hit up the licensed stores (hotels/campus'/airports) they tend to have some amazing salad choices. Also, try the spinach feta wrap at any location. It's part of the breakfast sandwich menu, but available all day. It's egg whites, feta, spinach, and sundried tomatoes. It's on a whole wheat wrap and is packed with protein and makes a great lunch. Also, for a little treat, try the new "petites". All are under 200 calories, and all are perfectly sized for an afternoon pick-me-up. I'm at starbucks full-time now, and have gotten very nutrition conscious in the last few months, so if you have any questions, ask away! :) love the blog bb.