Tuesday, September 6, 2011

4 day weekend! (day three - pre-birthday activities)

I enjoyed a two day birthday this year! Food, friends and presents! My kind of pre-birthday day.

I decided this morning that I wanted to make bread. After searching recipes and changing our minds many times, Billy and I decided to make homemade pizza "pockets". I use that term lightly because these "pockets" would never fit into any normal sized pocket. More like "baskets".

While the dough was rising I met the tennis gang for a morning game and coffee.

After eating our pizza baskets Billy and I headed to the dreaded Walmart for some necessary labour day supplies since we knew the stores would be closed on my birthday. Then Billy lead me to a surprise destination so I could pick out my birthday present from him! At Sail, a sport wear store, I picked out a biking shirt and some gloves.

My presents! The shirt and gloves from Billy, the label maker from my parents and a gift card to lulu lemon from my awesome friend Christine!

Next we got ready for dinner! I picked a really cute restaurant in the Glebe called 107 Fourth Street - Cafe and Wine Bar.

I dawned my pretty new birthday dress for the occasion.

The food was simple but great! I got two taster plates- Caesar salad with anchovies (first time having them, so good and salty!) and Chorizo Sausage and Shrimp on Crustini. Yum! The wine I chose was also a hit- easy drinking but enough flavour to keep me interested (I like an interesting wine!)

John made me a brownie cake! I specifically requested a round one so I could showcase it on my new cake plate. It was perfect (Lindt chocolate with chocolate chip icing!). We served it at the center of the table perched high on it's pedestal. It was wonderful when dipped in my coffee with baileys.



  1. all birthdays should last at least 2 days!
    fee x
    pizza pockets....mmmmm

  2. You look adorable in your floral dress :)