Wednesday, September 7, 2011

4 day weekend! (day four- spontaneous birthday)

For my actual birthday I woke up and cleaned the apartment before the BF even opened his eyes. I like it this way. I was then able to really relax and enjoy the day's activities.

For my other birthday present Billy gave me a day of spontaneous activities. Whatever I felt like doing at any particular moment, we did!

First up was food, of course. Billy made us some egg, ham and cheese sandwiches.

Next I had desert on the mind. We had the last piece of birthday brownie cake. But what about the other meals? We needed desert for those too! We set to work on making frozen banana popsicles. Banana, peanut butter, chocolate, coconut, oreo cookie crumbs and chocolate chips. I love birthdays.

I put on a fun outfit, then I decided I wanted my picture taken with "rabbit", Billy's car. So we drove to my favourite car wash place to make him all bright and shiny!

We stopped at this cool ball because I wanted to.

Then we drove to the Ornamental Garden. On the way I jokingly said "let's go to McDonalds!", because we never would actually do that. Billy was true to form though because we went through the drive through and ordered a small french fry!

The gardens:

The shiny rabbit photo:

The mandatory picnic with a variety of tea sandwiches (salmon, roast beef and ham). Banana popsicles for desert!

For dinner we made a lot of shrimp dumplings with 5 dipping sauces and a spicy vegetable stir fry (guess what was for dessert?!).

We ended the day with a game of scrabble and some tv watching.

It was a great day that I was sad to see end.



  1. Lovely picture of you and boyfriend.
    The flowers are so pretty in the above images.
    And I love the food here. Belated birthday wishes from me to you;-)

  2. I love your arrested development banana pops :)