Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On the road special - days one and two

I'm on the road for three days. That means 1200kms of driving, lots of restaurants, 2 hotel rooms and 3 cities. Here's my workweek in pictures!

Day one:

After 600km, one meeting in city one and then driving to city two to sleep I was ready for a bit of stretching my legs and getting some dinner in me! I ordered some fajitas at a nearby chain restaurant. They were ok, but really hit the spot! I took a hot bath then slept like a baby for 9 hours!

Day two:

I hit the gym for a much needed workout then had some cereal with the cup of milk I bought from the hotel restaurant.

I set up my "office" for a few hours of work before I got kicked out of the room.

Outfit for the day- professional and comfy pant suite

Lunch- the most wonderful little local-vegan restaurant in the downtown core (Pan Bistro). I had their in house cured salmon with a miso salad with tofu and local veggies with toasted local whole wheat bread. SO good. I would go back to the city just for that restaurant.

Outfit for the night - using pieces I brought for day outfits, but jazzed up with pearls and some darker eye-makeup.

Dinner- my colleague and I met in the hotel restaurant of city three's hotel. I had a pad thai while my colleague had butter chicken.

Dessert- a tour of the city and a stop for watermelon sorbet with chocolate covered oatmeal (yeah, sounds odd but but SO good. A bit crunchy and very chocolaty).

We walked around and found this amazing bridge!

Did I mention day two's hotel room is awesome?! My colleague got me a deal at the Delta. It's much nicer than my usual on the road hotels. I even got a 9pm "turn down" water and chocolates!


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