Thursday, September 15, 2011

there's always more

Food and eating are two of my favourite things (well, they are at the top of my long list of favourites!). But it's almost a love-hate relationship. I constantly struggle with always wanting more of it. So here's my mini challenge for the next week and a half- small meals.

The premise is that there's always more if I'm hungry down the road. I need to eat small, nutritious and filling meals. Doing this will help me from overeating and as an added bonus will give me more variety in my day!

So here's a picture diary of my last few meals (minus last night's dinner since I was at a networking dinner and didn't want to talk about food blogging! I only had a small plate with lots of veggies though).

Breakfast at work- yogurt, low sugar oatmeal packet and some skim milk in a cute little jar (it makes it taste better of course!).

Lunch at work- toasted whole grain bread with hummus, spinach and sliced turkey with a spinach salad and an orange. Idea: try an open faced sandwich, for the same amount of food you get a longer lasting lunch!

Breakfast today- a tasty vanilla yogurt parfait with granola, strawberries and a side of grapes. A few tricks- I measured the yogurt and cereal and instead of taking the whole bowl of grapes to my desk to mindlessly eat them I portioned them in a small bowl.


1 comment:

  1. now, apparently that's how french women stay slim - eating everything they want but (very!) small portions.
    unfortunatly I'm an all or nothing type of girl so this would not work for me. One mouthful and I just can't stop!
    fee x
    (yes to yoghurt tasing nicer from a jar. I spoon mine out and add some greek yoghurt - all served in a sundae glass!)