Wednesday, October 5, 2011

let's talk about fabulous things

I wonder sometimes as to how interesting the food I eat really is and how I can come up with things to say about it. But as usual, the most appealing things in life are the little things. Today's "little things" about my lunch include:

- my lunch bag: it was on sale at Micheal's and I think it's just so me! The ladies at work knew it was mine as soon as they saw it in the fridge!
- cocktails at work? All I do is put some juice in a jar (of course!) and bring along a can of diet "sprite". Poor the can into the jar and voila! Cocktail in a jar!
- my soup made me think of my mom (I made it for her on Monday night and took some for my lunch) so I called her while finishing the last few bites to say hello!

What did your lunch say today?


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