Friday, October 21, 2011

on bagels

A few weekends ago the BF and I picked up some freshly made bagels from a shop in the market. I'm one to make the best of food and usually I'm just happy getting to eat, but these bagels really are disappointing. They're flavour is ok but they're really skinny (check out the size of that crater in the middle, I hardly got a tbsp of glorious peanut butter on each half!).

Probably not going back there any time soon!

Here's what a wore wednesday and thursday. Some old favourites mixed with some new ideas!

An oldy but a goody. Especially with a cute broach addition!

I love my new sweater vest! It adds a professional touch to any outfit.

I'm gearing up for a fabulous weekend. Lots of working out, sewing my Halloween costume, getting my hair cut and a bit of shopping! I may even have time to catch up on weeks of tv shows! I'm supper excited!


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