Tuesday, November 8, 2011

new foods and old favourites

I loved my outfit today, but I never got a chance to photograph it... I went right from a dark house to work and then from work to the gym without any alone time to take a picture. You'll have to settle for checking out this post (but without the belt so it was longer and some thicker tights). I wore that dress with my new brown boots. Awesome contrast of fancy and casual!

For lunch I had leftover curry from friday night (that I portioned out and froze for easy lunches!). 

Dinner was AMAZING! My brother made a creamed sweet potato and curry soup with a hint of coconut juice. Paired with whole wheat bread fresh out of the oven, it was a perfect after workout meal!

After dinner we went to the bulk store to see what we could find. I picked up the ingredients to make a classic chocolate cherry granola. This time though I added a fun new addition- chia seeds. Have you guys gotten on this band wagon yet? I hear so much about them I wanted to try. I love the crunch! I want to try them ground and soaked.

Speaking of soaking them, apparently they're good in the other popular food these days- overnight oats. I loved the concept of this. I tried some over the weekend and my goodness I can't begin to figure out what all the hype is about. I must try it again, but mine was just a bowl of mush- chocolatly peanut buttery flavoured mush. Any luck with your recipes for this so called new favourite?

You win some you lose some!


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  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE overnight oats. I mix a half cup of oats with a half cup of yogurt and a half cup of milk, some fruit (usually berries - strawberries and blueberries are my fave) and a little bit of agave nectar or maple syrup (since I use plain yogurt). It reminds me of those yogurt and fruit parfaits you can buy at grocery stores. I will say they are a better summer breakfast than a winter breakfast though - this time of year I want some cooked oatmeal to warm me up!