Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a typical tuesday

I started my day off with my alarm clock gently waking me at 6:00am (seriously, my blackberry alarm clock is so soothing... well that is if you don't let it ring, it eventually blares an annoying beeping noise that really makes you fly out of bed.)
I quickly dressed for a run, grabbed a handful of chocolate cherry chia see granola (yum!) and headed out the door. After a really awesome run I had more granola with skim milk and a banana.

I wore my new (old) skirt my mom got me from a flea market with some wardrobe staples- pearls and a black sweater. Work was basically at my desk today but I got to get out for about an hour to visit one of our new locations and take some pictures (top right). For lunch I had carrot soup and some cute whole grain buns I got from the grocery store on my way back from the site visit.

Dinner was my favourite kind- an adventure! My brother and I went to a delicatessen near his apartment. It's really a diamond in the rough. It's a very well stoked local grocery store (how often do you see those!). It has a great selection of local and organic food. I loved all it's unique charactaristics like the old school coffee grinder (top right). We picked up some sole, leeks, mushrooms and tomatoes to make our dinner (bottom right).  
Next up we attended a 3 hour Thai Boxing class! Now that's a workout and a half!


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