Thursday, November 10, 2011

no belt

It's amazing what missing a piece of your outfit will do to your day! I felt incomplete all day on Wednesday without a belt. But I think the fun scarf tie made up for it!

My brother gave me a bag of apples so I brought them to work to put on display. Apples don't go over as well as baked goods...

We ventured across the street to a Portuguese deli for lunch. I got a spicy panini but found it was way too greasy and crunchy (they kept it on the grill for almost 10 minutes!). I think I'll try a fresh sandwich next time, but even then, there aren't any fresh veggies in sight at the store! I'll have to bring my own!
The day didn't turn out so badly (despite the lack of belt). Now I'm back home and excited about my upcoming activities! Cake decorating, lasagna date night, friend's baby shower, pizza/ninja turtle birthday party and the Wine and Food show! Lots of running, spinning and a possible mountain hike mixed in there too!



  1. I absolutely agree with you on the "something is missing . . ." feeling. If I'm wearing a big ol' necklace, I often don't wear earrings but feel NAKED all day. Obviously, I need a pair of discreet studs to solve this issue!

    On a another note, that picture makes me want to have a Portuguese deli 'round the corner.

  2. I totally love the face of this blog, the old fence. And I dig the way your fashion (self) pix are taken in a "barren" backyard setting. Kewl.