Friday, November 11, 2011

mini sandwich bar fun!

My meeting went long today and it "ate" into my lunch hour a bit. After hanging up I ventured to the kitchen to see what I could put together for lunch and this is what I found waiting fro me at the dinning room table!

The BF had put together a mini sandwich buffet! It was totally an amazing way to break up a work day!

Rosemary Triscuts with 1) spinach, crab and tapenade, 2) hummus, BBQ chicken and hot pepper and 3) spinach, old cheddar and tapenade. YUM!

Let me just say that we did not have cake for dessert. Despite how lovely (but slightly imperfect) my first attempt at decorating a cake is it was not so tasty.

We were forced to use Crisco for the icing (butter is SO much better) and my cake pan was much too large for the extra moist cake recipe I used. It sank in and made a very dence and spongy cake. How disappointing! It wasn't even worth keeping!

What's your go-to chocolate cake recipe? I'm on the lookout for one! Oh and smaller cake pans. I think mine is 9 or 10 inches.



  1. The sandwiches look delicious. I have the same problem with cake recipes. Haven't found one yet that really works :P

  2. Looks like a fun cake design, even if it didn't taste how you would have liked. Cakes are super tricky! I usually use a boxed mix because they always work. So unfoodie of me!