Saturday, December 31, 2011

the food saga continues!

Apparently with a week off the BF and I can only think of cooking and eating!

Here's what else we've concocted in the world's smallest kitchen:

Rustic Italian Bread. Now this is bread worth the 48 hour preparation. Really. I started this project on Tuesday and we had fresh bread late Wednesday night. I got the recipe here. If you have the time, try it! 

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Homemade Coleslaw. These sandwiches are the reason we made the Italian Bread above (as you can see we went out and bought fresh buns from the Italian restaurant in our neighbourhood because we underestimated the 48-hour project length). 
The pork marinated overnight then slow roasted in our oven for 7 hours. It was perfection. I loved that we made our own coleslaw! It was so easy, especially with the help of our new toy "max" the food processor!

Why stop at just two huge projects? We went for broke and made our own tortillas for some Fish Tacos! The BF fried up some Sole to perfection (on the right) and I mixed up a batch of tortillas (they have lard in them... yuck, but they sure to make a great final product!). 
I also decided that some baking was in order. I made some Banana, Chocolate Chip and Walnut muffins. I made them with half whole wheat and half white flour and added some rolled oats and ground flax to make them extra healthy!
BF: I have a new challenge for us!
Me: What's that? 
BF: Let's try to make more food than we have in the past 4 days?
Me: Impossible!


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