Friday, December 30, 2011

all this meat!

The bf and I had a whole day together on Tuesday. It was a lovely switch to our crazy coming and going schedule. 
We spent the day doing what we do best. Cooking and eating!

I'm pretty proud of myself! I carved up an entire beef tenderloin into steaks, a roast and stir fry strips (it's amazing what you can do with $60 worth of tenderloin!).

I also prepped a pork shoulder for it's overnight marinade in a tasty pulled pork sauce! Among those project we made two dips (roasted beet hummus- top right and Baba ghanoush- bottom right).

Next we made dinner!
 Some fancy red wine from Nova Scotia to set the mood.

A tasty salad dressing made from olive oil, balsamic, lemon, parsley, dijon and garlic.

 Dinner for two: filet migon steaks, garlic and parmesan mushrooms, grilled asparagus and spinach and roasted beet salad.

 Check out that steak! Trimmed to perfection!


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