Friday, December 2, 2011

outfit vs food

 I seemed to be trigger happy with my camera today! 


Three pictures of my lovely outfit and hairdo. I rarely sleep on my curly hair and actually like what I do with it the next day. A pleasantly acceptable outcome!



Pineapple and banana oatmeal with flax, a splash of pineapple juice and walnuts. YUM!

A tasty lunch of ham and turkey sandwich on 12 grain with grainy dijon mustard. Homemade hummus and carrots on the side!

Pre-dinner snack of rice crackers, imitation crab and hot seafood sauce.

A fresh and spicy dinner- Mexican Lettuce wraps with beans, tomatoes, avocado, salsa and hot sauce.

I think the food wins...



  1. Al that food looks so healthy and what is imitation crab?

    btw it would make me really happy if u could cheack out my blog and maybe leave a comment, its
    and I follow back :)

  2. Imitation crab is usually a type of white fish (e.g. Pollock)made to look like crab and packaged with crab liquid (among other ingredients!).

    It's a cheap and low fat protein source!