Thursday, December 1, 2011

scrambled eggs + hot sauce

Another cold and rainy day in Ontario! Thankfully it wasn't snowy since I was on the road.

I dressed for the weather (and for my car since it decided to not blow hot air again! brrr! It was a cold two hour drive!).

After a pretty hard cycling workout I made a healthy dinner with some rather fluffy scrambled eggs (topped with hot sauce of course!), some veggies and a few slices of bread right out of the oven!

Scrambled eggs, meet spicy sauce! A match made in heaven!

Do you like hot sauce on your eggs?



  1. It is COLD today. Soooo glad I work from home alot. Hate to brag, but I'm working in a hoodie today!

  2. I have never ate hot sauce on my eggs but I just might try that. Are you a vegetarian?

  3. Hi Emilie! Greeting from first foggy and now VERY windy northern California. I love eating scrambled eggs, too. But I also enjoy ketchup on them. Yes, I know ketchup is not terribly popular. But the bread out of the oven sounds so right. And I suppose it's some composation for a chilly car with no heater. Take care!