Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sandwiches and movie night

I think that pretty much sums up a perfect lazy day for the BF and I. Eating some sort of amazing sandwich then watching a movie or catching up on a tv show. 

Lunch was a lovely roast beef and cheddar on a multi grain baguette. We added sautéed onions, mushrooms and spinach. Of course there were hot peppers added to the mix!


On the side, a spinach salad, artichoke heart and almond salad, veggies and some homemade roasted red pepper, basil and sundried tomato hummus! Isn't it pretty?

We watched Contagion. It was actually a really good movie! I loved all the big name actors/actricesses featured in it.

Most importantly we attempted to make our own popcorn! From kernels! Ha! If you've ever made it before you're probably laughing because it's so straightforward and easy. The bf broke out his new blackberry tablet and read off the very simple instructions to me while I, sporting a giant red oven mit, shook a pot of sputtering kernels over the stove. It was loads of fun! And the finished product is far superior to its bagged impostor!


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  1. The food on your blog always looks so delicious. You should open your own restaurant :)