Monday, December 19, 2011

Tutorial - fur caplet

Part two of my Winter Wedding project tutorials! Here's how I put together the fur caplet.

First I wrapped the faux fur I got from Fabricland around my shoulders and measured the length and width I wanted (leaving some room for the seam allowance). The "key" is to have the lining just  a bit smaller than the fur so that it rolls a bit to the inside (so the lining doesn't show too much and you can see fur all around the edges). 

Made two red ribbons for the ties and pinned them to the top edges of the sides. I sewed a seam all around leaving a part open on the bottom. I clipped the four edges close to the seam (to make the edges more square) then turned the whole thing right side out.  I finished off the whole by hand stitching it closed.

The final look for the wedding!

I found the cape a bit big and the ties were slipping open so I secured the whole thing with a vintage broach. My dress is one I've worn many times (I made it for a wedding years ago from a Vogue pattern). I loved that I got to update with not a lot of effort or money!

I got my inspiration a few weeks ago at Le Chateau. For $70 you can buy something very similar. How much did I spend on mine? Less than $20! Plus I got to do it my way with the red lining and bow. 
I hope you enjoyed these tutorials! Holiday parties are the perfect place to showcase new projects like these! It really ensures that you won't find anyone else wearing the same thing!


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