Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tutorial - red clutch

I attended a beautiful winter wedding this past weekend! The bride was amazing in a lace dress and the bridesmaids looked cozy in their fur wraps, caplets and jackets. I'll try to post pictures soon!

For the wedding I sported two new projects- a fake fur caplet and a red clutch. I'll post the caplet tutorial tomorrow, for now, here's how I made my clutch!

 Red Clutch Tutorial

I started with a thick red fabric with a pretty pattern. I cut out a rectangle on the fold. Next I I cut out the same size of red lining and a third piece of very stiff jean material (I used this instead of interfacing since I didn't have any). 

 I put all three pieces together and added a long tie I made from the lining material plus another circular piece I will later fold over the edge seams to finish off the look (next picture).

 I ended up with a "pouch" with a long red tie coming out of the top.

When you fold it over and circle the ribbon around and tie it in a bow you get a very pretty look! I love that you can fit so much in it!

I also love how many ways you can hold it. With the ribbon, by the edge or under the arm.

I got my inspiration from here:


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