Friday, December 16, 2011

a day with lots of crowds

On Thursday morning I drove to one of our locations to help with their holiday feast. Let's do some math here...
1300 people
6 serving times
22 hams
2 cases of croissants each serving
2 line ups
and countless boxes of chocolates, glasses of juice, scoops of potatoes, eggs, fruit and cups of coffee. 

It was a lot of fun!

The ham carving station

Speaking of crowds, I went to Canada's newest and largest Ikea last night! The crowds weren't as bad there because IT'S SO BIG! I got lost a few times... thank goodness for maps!

I'm excited for my first Winter Wedding this weekend! I also have some major plans to get lots of projects done, let's see how that goes!



  1. The 1st time I went to ikea I got lost to and then I found a restaurant thing and I was very surprised

  2. this is one place i wish we had here. they don't even SHIP here!!