Friday, December 9, 2011

that's a wrap, finally...

I know I've been eating a lot of wraps lately, but they're just so interesting and tasty! I made the last ones from the package yesterday, so back to normal sandwiches from now on!
I was working from home yesterday so I got to make a gourmet wrap! I sautéed some mushrooms and added some spinach and chopped olives at the last second to warm through. I spread some goat cheese on the wrap and added ham and the mushroom and spinach mixture. So easy and decadent!

Speaking of decadent. I felt that way all day in my new shoes! To really showcase them I wore a neutral outfit and made the shoes pop!

And there they are!

I think I'm in love...


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  1. Thanks for commenting ive never herd of that before but I try it :)
    Oh and you look beautiful in your photos :)