Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New outfit day

One of my co-workers always starts off our phone calls with "so, are you having a good hair day today". "Yes" means I'm having a good day in general and "no" means he needs to tread lightly!

Today, I answered with "I'm having a "new outfit day" of course it's a good day!

I got this lovely cardigan and grey skirt from a store I would NEVER shop at, due to it's high prices. The clothes are such good quality and perfect for a working woman's waredrobe though. Check them out here. I was only able to show my face in the store because they had giant 70% Everything signs.

I didn't see the day go by, so when lunch rolled around I was excited to dig into my leftovers. I love leftovers for lunch. Especially when it's tandoori chicken!

Me loving lunchtime!

 Speaking of things I love, my brother came home with chocolate for dessert! Mmm... Godiva may rival my love of Lindt.


After yoga today I enjoyed a famous food item. Did you know it was National Peanut Butter Day yesterday?



  1. Very cute outfit. Yes, I too only shop there when there are sale signs about! Bought a beautiful silk and cotton blouse in the fall for a ridiculous price.

  2. Your work clothes are gorgeous, I love how the purple cardigan matches the grey skirt, and the detailing on the cardigan! I've never shopped there before but I generally steer clear of shops that are quite expensive. I guess it's a good investment for work clothes though, and if they have a sale that'd probably encourage me to shop there more. The truffles look delicious! xo