Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tacos and Ties

 The BF and I decided on tacos last night!

 I painstakingly layered my yummy toppings in the "stand up" shells.


 After a few shots I announced "what did I do without this camera?". To which the BF replied "you ate hot food!". I just put more hot sauce on the tacos and ignored his comment!

 The BF enjoying his creation!

While enjoying tacos, I was wearing this lovely number:

I love the put together look of a shirt and tie.

Food and fashion! What more can you need in a day?



  1. Nice image of the BF. Your fashionable number looks is so super stylish.

  2. Hi! love your blog..:) do you feel like a following each other?

  3. love the shirt and tie look :) Food looks amazing as always