Wednesday, January 11, 2012

up in the air

How often does your boss personally fly you in a plane to a meeting? Well the other day we had a meeting about a 4 hour drive away (usually more because of Toronto traffic). Instead of 10 hours total of driving, my boss flew us for a total of 3.5 hours and got us there and back in a flash! 

Even though it was a short trip I was still up at 4:30am to get to work to do some prep for the meeting.
 5am and still smiling!

In a blink of an eye we were in the air (the highest we went was 3700 feet and the fasted we were going was 260km/hour!). The view was obviously amazing:

My boss got me to find my parents' house and we flew right over it!

Hi mom and dad!

That's right, we flew RIGHT BESIDE THE CN TOWER!

I was pretty excited during the trip so once we landed I realized how hungry I was. I had a ham and cheese sandwich at the flying club restaurant.

My boss flew in a tie and jacket while I flew in a suit and pearls. It was unreal!

The best part? I got to fly the plane while my boss had his muffin and juice! Now that's a business trip!



  1. What an exciting way to travel to a business meeting. Travel by private jet is always less tiresome than the norm;-)

  2. Jessi showed me the picture of the CN tower - I'm SO jealous... I'll come as a rando passenger any day!