Saturday, February 18, 2012

food on friday

You would think all I do is eat and workout. Well that's actually kind of true for yesterday!

After my morning workout yesterday I came home and made an egg, cheese and spinach sandwich and ate it alongside the rest of my pre-workout protein shake.


 After a meeting a colleague and I enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Flying Pig restaurant downtown. I had the Apple and Pasnip soup to start. 

I chose an appetizer as my main- Quinoa and Arugula salad with Bocanchini. Yum!

For dinner, the BF and I had Mac n' Cheese with a Greek Salad on the side.

Some fresh mango and grapes for dessert!

After boxing we hit the kitchen (again). The BF prepped the meat for the dishes he's bringing to his sister's Indian Food Feast. I made the dessert I'm bringing (more to come!). As a teaser we ate the leftovers with a couple of bananas. The perfect way to end a Friday night!


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