Friday, February 17, 2012

glove box surprise!

 My check engine light lit up on Valentine's Day morning. Great.

I went straight to the glove compartment for my car's manual, when I saw a blue bag. I didn't remember stowing any snacks in there, so I reached for it with caution.

To my surprise, the BF had sneakily hidden a bag of my favourite chocolates and a little rabbit figurine! It really turned my bad car day right around!


My little rabbit even saved a chocolate for the BF.

Or not... bad rabbit!

My Valentine's Day outfit!

 My lunch! Toasted ham sandwich, veggies and couscous salad. Even after eating all those chocolates, I was still ready for this feast come noon-time.

Happy Friday everyone!



  1. Such a sweet thing for your boyfriend to do...and such a delicious looking lunch! Car trouble? Pffft!

  2. sweet surprise!! but i gather the car trouble wasn't part of the plan to get you to look in the glove box?!

    your lunch looks delicious. i have to remember to make couscous again. it's so easy and delicious!

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