Wednesday, March 21, 2012

finding the sun

I ventured to my brother's office to do my outfit picture yesterday morning. I opened the blinds wide and realized that he gets quite a bit of natural light in there (now that the sun is up earlier!).

I was hot in this outfit by the end of the day. I better switch to my spring wardrobe this weekend!

I had some fun with my mid-morning snack, layering my strawberry yogurt with some cereal.
For lunch I used leftover baked salmon t make a sandwich and served it with veggies and chocolate pudding!

I'm staying later at work this week so I get hungry around 4pm. I keep 150 calorie packets of oatmeal at my desk to keep my stomach content before dinner. I found some fresh berries in the fridge at work (the perks of working in food services, the chef leaves us leftovers all the time!).

I warmed up some pasta that I made on Monday night for dinner.


After a long walk around town I made myself a very tasty strawberry, banana and mango smoothie. I loved the flavour of the fresh mango, it really gave the drink a little something extra (I usually use frozen).

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