Wednesday, March 14, 2012

just in case lunches

When I packed for my three days away from home on Sunday I really didn't know where I would end up! Toronto, Chalk River, Kingston, back to Ottawa early... so I had to pack for all cases!

I picked adaptable outfits that would work for any crowd (current clients, potential clients or location visits). Pants, neutral colours (nothing flashy), basic footwear, like:

 I also packed extra food to keep in the fridge at work in case I was actually in the office all three days (which turned out to be the case!).

 Ham, cheese, spinach and pickle wrap with veggies and some greek dressing for dipping. I packed extra ham, cheese, spinach and tortillas for lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday too.

Surprise dessert on Monday! Mini pie with raspberry filling from Jessi at Sparrows and Arrows. YUM! 

Since I ended up in Kingston Monday night so I used the leftovers from Monday's dinner for my Tuesday lunch with the leftover veggies from Monday's lunch (still with me?).

Back home tonight! Food and clothes are so much easier with a full closet and my own kitchen. Although, packing my life into my car once a week sure is a fun challenge! Who knows what will happen next!


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