Monday, March 12, 2012

weekend food- march edition

While relaxing on Sunday evening, psyching ourselves up for a busy work week ahead, I said to the BF: "what a wonderfully normal weekend we had". And it was! 

On sunny Saturday, after a great workout, I spent my time in the kitchen. 

I made an Apple Strawberry Crisp:

And a wonderfully flavourful and dense Oatmeal and Sunflower Seed Whole Wheat Bread:

The roasted veggies that I made for dinner where transformed into Sunday morning's breakfast: scrambled egg, roasted veggies, feta and black olives.

The salmon we made for dinner made an amazing open faced sandwich on Sunday.

Sunday's dinner was simple but one of our favourites: dips dinner! We dipped peices of roasted chicken and sweet potato fries in four sauces (honey mustard, sweet chili, scotch bonnet, and BBQ sauce). For our veggie quota I julienned carrots, peppers and added broccoli, and grated ginger and garlic to make an asian inspired salad.

A very relaxing and enjoyable weekend!


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