Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend - the ham

We packed up the car and headed to my parent's house for Easter Weekend. As usual in my family, it basically revolved around food and laughs.

I dressed for the occasion in pink, sporting my rabbit necklace and a flower accent. 

We arrived for a lunch fit for kings and queens! Battered (but baked) fish sandwiches with coleslaw.

Sweet potato fries on the side!

A perfect match!

For dinner, my mom made a masterpiece of a ham! It was SUPERB!

Cooked to perfection this ham was basted in a maple syrup and marmalade sauce.

She served it with classic herbed scalloped potatoes and lots of veggies!

There was SO much chocolate and various desserts around the house that we didn't even have an official dessert. We all just grabbed something to munch on (not that any of us where very hungry after such a feast!).

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter dinners!


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