Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend - the hunt!

It's never just a regular or normal activity at my parents house. Instead of hunting for chocolate all over the house my mom worked away at creating an Easter Trivia Hunt. Each egg we found had a present attached and another clue to the next surprise!

We each started with the egg with our name on it.

My first clue led me to the futon my mom has in her sewing room.

 I got a pretty bracelet and a fun bookmark as my first present.

I found my second clue hidden behind her sewing machine:

The answer: the dryer! They only use their dryer at certain times of the day because it save on electricity!

My next clue led me to my mom's fern that she keeps inside during the winter months.

 She bought me an most lovely messenger bag style purse with such a pretty lining!

The last clue was a joint one with the BF.  After the clue made us all sing "Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!" I guessed that my mom was leading us to their sunny kitchen.


It was an amazing local food recipe book! It features different areas of Ontario and great recipes from the items they produce. I'm so excited to try some out!

My mom sure had us thinking! But we were fueled by chocolate so nothing could stop us!


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