Friday, April 6, 2012

finding some calm

In the craziness of my life, traveling away from home sometime 4 days a week, I like to keep a semblance of a routine as much as I can.

This week I stayed sane with a steady routine of AM workouts, workday then a relaxing evening of cooking (like this Thai Soup or this Sweet Potato Soup.

A couple of my outfits:

(I was gone for 4.5 days so I wanted to keep the packing light. I wore my grey pants twice  but gave them new life with a different sweater, shoes, hair style and accessories).

A few work lunches:

(I've been keeping supplies in the work fridge to help me along as usual- e.g. dressing, spicy dijon mustard, bread for sandwiches that I toast, sliced cheese, yogurts and fruit).

I've been obsessed with yogurt parfait's lately. I pack yogurt and fruit in a jar and some granola in a separate container:

Perfect mid-morning snack!

 I love choosing a morning tea depending on my mood. I was hoping this "calm" tea would help me through a particularly crazy morning (it must have done the trick!).

Greek salad, ham and cheese, apple and drink. A little getaway from working!

Yummy sweet potato soup (leftovers make such great lunches!) and a hummus, tomato and cucumber sandwich.

How do you find sanity in during a crazy week?


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  1. I wish I could find sanity through making delicious meals like you! I find sanity in looking at your yummy food. :)