Thursday, April 5, 2012

Indoor Food Photography Trials

Google brought me to this wonderful tutorial on indoor food photography. I always struggle with lighting. I had fun playing around with the white balance settings to see which worked best with the lighting in the room.

What I really thought interesting was the Preset Manual setting. Here's what I came up with:

I kept these pictures at the same f-stop, iso and shutter speed settings. My subject was my dinner- Ginger and Orange Sweet Potato Soup.

Auto White Balance:

Incandescent White Balance:

Preset Manual
(where you pick a spot in the room and tell the camera that it's white, then click away!):

I think I like the incandescent the best, but it's almost identical to the Preset Manual picture.

Next I took a picture (a little higher f-stop and slower shutter speed, white balance at auto) and played around with a photo editing software.

Actual picture:

After some enhancements:

It really brought some life into the picture.

Back to practicing!


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