Thursday, April 26, 2012

milk in my oatmeal

Ever since I was young I've put milk in my oatmeal.As a kid we would have oatmeal with smooshed bananas and brown sugar so it need something to cool the mixture down- enter milk!

Now that I've discovered toppings that significantly cool down the hot oats (to the point that I sometimes heat the toppings up in the microwave!) I don't need the milk to cool anything down. I guess I do it out of habit!

Yesterday morning's toppings definitely had the cooling effect: sliced strawberries (from the fridge!), bananas, almonds, coconut and flax.

 Speaking of milk, it's great in oatmeal but isn't it just so wonderful as a smoothie? This morning's post-spinning class smoothie had frozen bananas and strawberries, strawberry yogurt, oats and flax.

Have a great Thursday!


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