Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ma's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there! Not being one myself, I look  to my own mother on this special day and appreciate everything she's done for me. Set aside the "giving me life" along with my father, but what she's done since then.

I've been blessed with a mom who is also my best friend.

We went through all the usual teenage rebellion years, where she loved me unconditionally while I found my way in life. But it was during our second cross Canada move, when I was around 14, when I discovered that this fabulous woman and I have everything in common. And better yet, she's been through it all and has so much wisdom and knowledge just waiting to pass on to me (not to mention a fabulous fashion sense and an awesome shoe collection with the same shoe size as me!).

So today I want to thank my absolutely beautiful, strong and wonderful Ma for never giving up on me and always being the first one I want to call!


Love, your mimi



  1. how lovely!
    And that hat just above here....swoon!
    fee x

  2. Ah, that brought tears by the handful. Love you girl......Your Ma!