Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 weeks 10 goals - week 5

Is it half way to the race already? Good thing we got some solid mileage in this weekend!

Last week's goals were a bit tough with the weather and my insatiable hunger! I went to two spinning classes and got two bike rides in- one was a whooping 63km and today we did a bit of a fun ride at 23km.

I think I will be more specific with my food goals and perhaps have more of a positive twist instead of one that limits.

Next week will be a bit tough with a wedding and being on the road a lot. But my bike is packed up and my lunches are packed and full of nutrients!

Week Five

Goal #1 - Minimum 3 bike rides (weather permitting) + 2 workouts while on the road

Goal #2 - experiment with fish and included in the diet more often


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