Wednesday, June 6, 2012

easy online workout videos

I love long hard workouts, but sometimes there's not time and you just need to squeeze some movement into your busy day. That's where mini workout videos come in!

You Tube has TONS, but here are some of my favourites:

1- A great beginner, 14 minute yoga routine.
2- The Pajama Party AM workout!
3- I loved this one so much I got the whole DVD and can't get enough! There's lots of parts to it, try them all.
4 - This workout had my abs hurting DAYS after!

Also, get a user name for Spark People, it's a wealth of info and has lots of tracking tools and weekly emails full of great articles, recipes and workouts.

This is a great "at your desk" workout! Seriously, try this out at work one day. How fun would it be to get a bunch of co-workers doing it together!

Now to find the time! Pajama Party Workout host suggests waking up just 30 minutes earlier to sneak in a workout! That's usually my action plan when staying in hotels (like in the picture above!).

Enjoy working up a sweat!


*Please note that none of the above websites paid me to mention their names. It's all just my personal opinion!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting the links to those videos. My fave is the one you like too...Pump it up....

    I'm going to be trying them all. I like the mini workouts and it feels less like exercise when I can switch them up!