Saturday, June 16, 2012

sandwich packing idea

When I pack my lunches for the week I like to make sure things are fresh. That's why I put together this "make your own" picnic lunch.

I put some spinach, cheese, ham and mustard in a container with my bagel in a separate container. I put a thick slice of tomato in with my veggies.

A fresh sandwich in minutes with a side of veggies with hummus.

 To match my work "picnic" I wore a fresh outfit!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday full of picnics and spring outfits!



  1. Love the lacy top and the sandwich idea :) xo

  2. great sandwich idea - too long since I've been over here.
    No picnics for us I'm's pretty much rained for a month. Glum.
    fee x

  3. Fresh is right! The food, your outfit... and that bracelet is so pretty. :)