Monday, July 16, 2012

10 weeks 10 goals - week 10!

Almost there!

It's the last week before the big race. This past weekend we had intended to do a 90km training ride in the same area as the actual race.

The day started out great. Berry Overnight Oats:

The gear was all packed up with lots of water, sports drinks, fruit and energy bar:

Fifteen kilometres into the ride though, my tire blew and was not repairable! I spent an hour sitting on the side of the road while the BF biked to the car to save me. My hero!

We ended up having a great day though. After driving home and changing my tire we headed out again to find a cool patio to have lunch. We ended up doing about 50km in total. Not too bad.

Week 10

Goal #1 - Complete a 100km road bike race (and then rush home to get ready to attend a wedding! Now that will be an accomplishment!)
Goal #2 - full "pre race" gear on the diet. Cut out sweets, alcohol, large portions, fatty foods, and increase complex carbs, fruits, veggies and lean proteins. 

Now's the time to really see what I'm made of!


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