Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Typical Tuesday - In the Air Edition

Yesterday I was in two planes and three provinces. Typical indeed!

The day started in my hotel room in New Brunswick with a quick pre-workout snack of 1/2 an energy bar and a bunch of water. 

The hotel gym was a small room with a few machines. I went for the elliptical and did a rather intense 30 minute interval workout.

Next I changed into my new "power suit" and headed out for breakfast!

Loved pairing this cute necklace with the suit.

The hotel breakfast buffet had a couple of healthy options and I filled my plate with them!

After the 2.5 hour presentation/meeting it was back to the airport (with 10 minutes to spare!!! We were the crazy ones running from check in to baggage check to security and then to the plain! Thank you to ALL the Fredericton airport staff for being awesome every step of the way.)

 View from the LAST row of the 9 row mini jet. It was a great flight!

Rushed airport dinners are never glamorous. I had a plain chicken wrap with chocolate milk. And then ran to our connecting flight!

Ahhhhh.... home. Chocolate Strawberry Popsicle (recipe tomorrow!), feet up, TV with the BF and my own bed. A great end of the day!


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  1. traveling can be so hectic!
    i went to CO last week and we definitely missed our flight due to train and plane schedules. but we made it there in the end. :)
    glad your trip went well!