Monday, July 23, 2012

we did it!

Our 100km race on Saturday was a huge success. We couldn't have asked for better weather (sunny, a slight breeze and not too humid). 

The race was actually 103km (that extra 3k really makes a difference!). We did it in 3 hours and 40 minutes at an average speed of 28km/hour. 

Our distance wasn't timed so I couldn't tell you what place we were in, but we started off with a group of probably about 300 racers and when we got back there couldn't have been more than 50-60 people around. So I think we did pretty well!

Here are some shots of the day.

Breakfast of chocolate, strawberry, cherry overnight oats:

Ready to go!

We were a bit early so we stayed the shade and made sure to hydrate.

Everyone in blue. The start was like the end- very anti climactic. There wasn't even a buzzer or someone saying "go". We just started peddling at 9am. At the finish line there were maybe 6 people around clapping and someone handing out nasty "refuelling" drinks (it was seriously gross). We drank it because it was cold, gave our food tickets away, loaded the car and headed home!

On our way home, red faced but happy that we accomplished what we set out to do.

Now to train for a two day trip with 100km each day! 


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