Friday, August 31, 2012

food this week

We're off to visit my parents this weekend for some family fun! I'll leave you with some tasty shots of the food I enjoyed this past week!

An AMAZING slow roasted beef sandwich with sautéed mushrooms, pepper and onions and melted mozzarella. A side of coleslaw for some much needed crunch. I love weekend dinners!

On the other end of the sandwich spectrum, I threw together a ham and spicy salami sandwich for my Wednesday lunch at work. It had dijon, havarti cheese and lettuce. Really tasty, but nothing like the beefy monster shown above.

With our strawberry muffins we enjoyed on Sunday morning I made a raspberry smoothie with fresh raspberries, frozen strawberries, vanilla fat free yogurt, banana and skim milk.

I love toasted bagels! Add a banana and I'm a happy camper (add Peanut Butter and I'm in heaven! But I skipped it this morning and had peach fat free yogurt with flax instead).

I didn't actually get to eat these tasty frittatas, but I sure did love taking pictures of them during a photoshoot this week!

What did you enjoy filling your plate with this week?


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