Saturday, September 1, 2012

mocha banana smoothie

It was one of those nights... the kind that you half sleep, half think all night?

Despite my restless sleep I woke up early on the beautiful Saturday morning to do a quick park circuit workout. It was a bit unconventional but here are the basics.

6 minute warm up walk to the park
1 minute each of these:
skipping (high knees)
right side plank with 30 sec theft hand to ground
skipping (cross overs)
theft side plank with 30 sec right hand to ground
skipping (combo)
30 sec squats, 30 sec jump squats (with 10 seconds of petting the doggie that came over to say hello!)
skipping (high knees)
push ups
skipping (2 minutes, combo)

Then I jogged for 5 minutes and walked the last few minutes home (I took a long route)

Voila! A quick get-er-done weekend workout!

When I got home I whipped up a new smoothie that is a winner!

Mocha Banana Smoothie
serves two (unless you're really hungry!)

2 bananas
1 heaping soup spoon each of cocoa powder, instant coffee (i used decaf- I'm excited enough!) and sweetener of choice (I used stevia)
enough milk and ice to make it your kind of consistency!

Whirl and enjoy!

Have an awesome day!


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